President of ZJWEU Sent Admission Notices for Freshmen of 2022

Announcer:Release time:2022-09-06Views:10

On the morning of July 20, President Chen Guangting handed the admission notices to Xu Zefeng and Zhu Jiayong, two new students of 2022. These two students are from Nanxun, Huzhou, and will study in the major of Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering from the College of Water Resources and Environmental Engineering and International Business from the College of Economics and Management, respectively.

Chen encouraged them to make a good plan for their life, learn more knowledge, broaden their horizons, improve their self-ability and be well-rounded student.

With the opening of Nanxun campus of ZJWEU in September, 5,000 freshmen of 2022 like Xu Zefeng and Zhu Jiayong will have a new beginning there!




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