ZJWEU and Hangzhou Institute for Advanced Study, UCAS Embrace In-depth Cooperation

Announcer:Release time:2022-08-15Views:10

On August 15, Chen Guangting, President of ZJWEU, with a delegation, visited Hangzhou Institute for Advanced Study,UCAS.

Chen introduced the development of the university from its characteristics, talent training, service industry, etc., and highlighted the new opportunities brought by the opening of the Nanxun campus of ZJWEU for the development of the university.

Wang Jianyu, President of Hangzhou Institute for Advanced Study, UCAS, introduced the development, institutional advantages, and disciplinary features of Hangzhou Institute for Advanced Study, UCAS. Wang praised the characteristics and advantages of ZJWEU in the water conservancy industry, and expressed his support for the two sides to carry out all-round cooperation and explore cooperation mechanisms and modes.

The two sides also had in-depth exchanges on platform co-construction, talent sharing, and joint training of postgraduate students.



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